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“Belly dance is the ultimate oxymoron: to perform well, you must offset extreme muscle control with freedom that only comes when you lose control.”
~Lorna Gow, a dancer currently working in Cairo

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Middle Eastern Dance is a dance for all ages, sizes, shapes, and personalities. Anybody can try it and succeed! Middle Eastern dance is an excellent form of cardio exercise and also helps the dancer build strong muscles in their arms, legs, and core. Hayam believes that raqs sharqi is a very special art form that allows the dancer to feel strong, confident, and empowered. It is Hayam’s goal to share the Middle Eastern dance experience with others and to develop strong and passionate students.
Classes focuses on basic Egyptian raqs sharqi technique and movements. Dancers will learn to engage their muscles in traditional movements such as shimmies, undulations, hip movements, and arabic combinations. Attire should allow freedom of movement and be comfortable. Dancers participate barefoot or may prefer to wear footwear such as dance sneakers, foot undeez, or ballet slippers. Positive attitude required! Come in and have a good time exercising to invigorating Middle Eastern music!

Hayam has moved! She is no longer teaching regular beginner belly dance at Urbanity Dance in Boston, MA.

Current Classes Led By Hayam



Beginner Belly Dance at ESCAPE AERIAL ARTS  at 88 Webster St Worcester, MA

Monday Nights 8-9 pm

Drop ins welcome!

Register here:



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Also available for private lessons by request at her home studio in Millbury, MA, or at Urbanity Dance in Boston MA.

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