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“Hayam is a truly amazing dancer. She perfectly executes both precise and languid moves throughout a performance while maintaining a grace and emotional connection with the music and audience; she is positively captivating to watch, drawing the viewer into the story of the song. As a teacher, she is equally vibrant but also very patient, explaining the breakdown of a move as many times as her students need, all while keeping class interesting, challenging, and fun. ”

Ashley Elizabeth Photography

-Faridah, Middle Eastern Dancer in NYC




“I’ve been dancing under Hayam for several years now. She is a tough, but patient teacher. She focuses on technique and makes sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing before pushing you to learn new things. We always warm up and cool down to give our muscles the stretch and relaxation they need. I’ve gotten many compliments on my dancing and I have my fantastic teacher to thank for that.”

-Ziomara, student of Hayam in Boston


Ashley Elizabeth Photography


“I am so happy I found belly dancing with Hayam. She is such a wonderful and patient teacher. I have grown to love my body more each and every day thanks to her class. She teaches about body movement in a way that speaks to me and my confidence has grown tenfold because of taking her courses. They are so much fun I feel like I am flying when I get a hang of the movements”

-Sarah, student of Hayam in Worcester


Ashley Elizabeth Photography






“I am so lucky to have known Hayam from the start of my dance career (Actually, without her I never would have had one to start!), and I want to say that so is everyone else who has gotten to see her perform live or have her as a teacher. Whether dancing sha’by, classic oriental, to a live drum solo or taksim, Hayam’s stage presence fills the whole room and draws the entire audience in. She never ceases to impress me with the research and practice she puts into preparing students in classes and workshops, as well as the knowledge and self-confidence she imparts upon them. I for one can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!”

-Layan of Montreal

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