Fearless Photoshoots Fall Special with Hayam and Ashley Elizabeth Photography!

October 9, 2016 in JB Williams Park  Glastonbury, CT


Ashley and I are happy to announce that we will be holding a special outdoor fall spin off of our fearless photoshoots workshop! This is perfect for students who want to learn about working with a photographer outdoors.

Sign up for a 25 minute outdoor photo session in the beautiful New England fall foliage with Ashley Elizabeth Photography and styling guidance by Hayam in JB Williams Park in Glastonbury, CT!
Cost is $50 per person and will include digital edits of your photos. Space will be limited.

1402182_535448099872121_1452178777_o (1)Workshops will be from 10am to 4pm with an hour lunch break at 12pm. Slot signups will be first come first served. Registration opens at 1pm on Saturday July 23.

We will also be celebrating fall with complimentary Glastonbury apples, cider, and apple cider donuts! Third Eye Bling will also be vending some pretty treasures. Check them out on Etsy at:

Third Eye Bling

11816219_804469139666099_5954398282709264718_oJoin us for a fabulous day with friends!



Current Workshop Offerings


Get to Know Your Glutes!


Do you ever experience difficulty with creating those oh so desirable hip articulations? Do you have a tough time accenting or layering your movements? Can’t figure out how to get your right hip to ignore what your left foot is doing? Get to know your glutes! In this workshop you will learn to isolate your glutes and apply glute-centered technique to traditional movements such as hip lifts, drops, figure eights, mayas, and more. Utilizing the glutes as the working muscle group allows a dancer to free up other portions of her body to the potential for further movement. Traveling becomes less daunting and layering becomes a breeze! Activating the glutes enables precise and sensual movements that leave the audience begging for more. In addition, using the glutes to initiate movement helps to alleviate stress on the dancer’s skeleton, promoting longevity in dance. Learn to isolate your glutes through drills and combinations and discover a new way of moving!



Tackling Taqsims



It is often said that a dancer’s talent is judged by her drum solo and her musicality is judged by how she interprets a taqsim. Do you freeze up in terror at the thought of improvising to a slow romantic taqsim in the middle of a restaurant set? Does the sound of a lone clarinet stop you in your tracks? Do you rush through your movements like a robot in fear that the audience will become bored? Never fear. In this workshop you will discover that the taqsim is your time to shine! Hayam, known for her skill in interpreting a taqsim, will teach you how to relax and connect with an improvised piece of live music and she will guide you through how to embellish a recorded taqsim with poise grace. Upon completing this workshop you will have the tools to fearlessly look your musical partner in the eye and tackle that taqsim!




Belly Dance Biomechanics



Biomechanics is the study of the movement and structure of living organisms. As belly dancers our bodies are the medium of our art and we subject our bodies to stresses each time we practice and perform. In order to execute our beautiful art safely and effectively it is imperative that we understand how we generate movements and what types of forces we subject ourselves to in our everyday dance routines.

In this workshop Hayam will help you discover biomechanics as they apply to belly dance. You will learn the potential impacts of belly dance on bone, muscle, and corresponding joints. You will discover how do maintain a supportive posture for longevity in dance. Hayam will lead you through exercises including palpation and isolation to become aware of musculoskeletal structures vital to belly dance practice.

This workshop does not substitute as medical advice, it is simply a primer of fundamental biomechanics principles for a safer and stronger belly dance experience.



Fearless Photoshoots with Hayam and Ashley Elizabeth Photography



Whether just for fun or for promotional purposes, professional photoshoots are an important part of every belly dancer’s repertoire. This workshop will be led by Hayam and Ashley Elizabeth Photography. Get a professional photographer’s advice on what to expect from your first belly dance photoshoot. Learn how to hire a photographer, what to bring to a photoshoot, and what to expect when you get there. Hayam and Ashley will teach you how to prepare poses and how to look natural in front of the camera. The workshop will culminate in a photoshoot with Ashley Elizabeth Photography and coaching by Hayam. Dancers are to bring one costume for a short practice shoot. Props may also be included.  Following the shoot participants will receive three high quality edited images from Ashley Elizabeth Photography for personal use.



She Says She Wants Sha’abi


11865348_873745232709071_8909784342932554305_oSha’abi is certainly a buzzword these days. It is known as a dance of the people, a down to earth and often gritty dance of common folk. Unlike the poise and polish of oriental style dance, sha’abi enables the dancer to kick off her sparkly shoes, let loose and have a little bit of fun with her performance. Sometimes sha’abi songs can have political, sexual, or violent connotations. It is important to learn how to carefully select sha’abi pieces for performances. In this workshop Hayam will lead dancers through a fun and lighthearted peek into sha’abi style. Learn an energetic choreography to the sha’abi song “El Hantour” aka “The Horse Drawn Cart”. This is a playful piece that will get your blood pumping. This piece is also appropriate for public performances and can be enjoyed by all.



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